SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised.
Aaron Stewart
CJ Aaron 01
Biographical Information
Age: 14
Status: Dead (in Call's head)

Magisterium in Luray, Virginia




Makar (formerly) (lost magic after resurrection)


Magisterium apprentice




Master Rufus


Magisterium (formerly)

Callum Hunt (formerly)


Assembly of Mages


Unnamed father
Unnamed mother †

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green
Skin color: white
Distinct feature/s:


Aaron Stewart was a talented mage who became best friends with Callum Hunt and Tamara Rajavi during his apprenticeship under William Rufus at the Magisterium. He was discovered to be a Makar during his Iron Year.


Early life

Aaron's mother died when he was young, and the last time he's seen his father was when he was two years old. Since his father was in prison, Aaron was put into the foster system and has since been juggled around foster homes. At one point, he discovered that he could do magic and began doing tricks, such as playing with dust motes. In his last foster home, a girl saw him performing magic and told him about the Magisterium, the magic school where her brother was a student. The girl became his friend, until her brother graduated from the Magisterium and took her to live with him. Aaron started practicing magic to get into the school soon after.

Iron Year

Aaron came to the Iron Trial prepared and with high hopes. Aaron did pretty well, standing out during the second task, which he was the only one in his group to complete. Throughout the tests, Aaron was merely enthusiastic and eager to make friends, even with the grouchy outsider Callum Hunt; he was the only one who actually treated Call nicely, despite his mangled leg and him visibly failing on most of the tasks. He and Tamara both were ranked first in the Trial, and both of them were picked by Master Rufus to be his new apprentices, along with Call.

Halfway through the school year, students went on a hike on the woods surrounding the school in search of their batch-mate Drew. In an effort to save Call and Tamara from chaos-ridden, Aaron came in between them and inadvertently stopped them using chaos magic. It was discovered that Aaron could access the void and, thus, could summon up chaos magic, making him the first Makar to be discovered after Verity Torres, much to the excitement of his friends and the Assembly of Mages.

Shortly after the announcement, Aaron walked their new pet Havoc outside the school grounds, where he was tricked and captured by Drew. He was taken to an abandoned bowling alley as bait for Call, who, along with Tamara, later managed to track and save him. Aaron and Tamara escaped ahead and crashed the bowling alley's sign onto the roof to get Call out.

After their return, they were given time to recover, after which all three of them were able to pass through the First Gate and thus graduated from their Iron Year.[1]

Copper Year

SF 2Ch04, Aaron

Aaron doing chaos magic at one of the Rajavis' parties

Aaron spent his summer at the home of the Rajavis. Shortly before the resumption of classes, Callum arrived after running away from home. At a party held at the mansion, Aaron was highly-praised by the visitors, and Aaron put on a show of chaos magic. The group soon returned to the Magisterium to begin their Copper Year. Under William Rufus' guidance, he continued to practice wielding chaos magic while using Callum as his counterweight.

Because of Call's secrets, the boy distanced himself from Aaron and Tamara, both of whom began to worry about his well-being. When they confronted him, Call admitted that his father, Alastair, was the one who stole the Alkahest—an artifact that could be used to extract someone's chaos magic, essentially killing the Makar, and has been worrying Aaron for some time. Tamara promptly reported this to Rufus. When Call decided to search for his father, Tamara and Aaron insisted on joining him. As they were sneaking out of the school, they were caught by Jasper deWinter, whom they then forced into going with them.

During their escape, they wandered into the base of the Order of Disorder. Alma bargained their freedom for the opportunity to study Aaron upon their return, with Havoc as collateral. Call and Aaron pretended to agree, long enough to escape on their own.

When they reached one of Alastair's potential hideouts—a rented space he used for his junk cars, they were attacked by Automotones. Aaron managed to defeat it, but upon finding out that the elemental came from the Magisterium, they deduced that they would not be safe there either. With clues from the barn that might lead to Alastair, the group continued on their journey. Call drove halfway to the coordinates sent by Master Joseph to his father, during which they encountered a group of Masters from the Magisterium sent to go after them. They later received a call from Rufus himself, who tried to convince them to return.

One night, a horde of chaos-ridden people arrived and expressed their allegiance to Call. Because of this inexplicable incident, Call finally admitted to them that he had Constantine's soul in him. They decided to continue on however, considering how close they were to the end. The chaos-ridden, under Call's orders, led them to Joseph, and later even literally carried them to their destination to hasten the process.

They soon arrived at the island, which turned out to be Constantine's tomb. During the confrontation, Alastair killed and destroyed Constantine's preserved body with the Alkahest, and his chaos magic was transferred into Call. Aaron worked to keep the chaos that Call released contained with his own power, and holding the tomb up until Call escaped.

The Magisterium Masters arrived shortly after the tomb collapsed, and they were all transported back to the Magisterium for judgment. There, they were faced by a panel of Assembly members and Magisterium Masters who chastised them for their actions. To stop them, Call showed them Constantine's head and told them that their mission resulted in the death of the Enemy. While everyone in the group had expected Jasper to sell Call out, he simply revealed to them that Call was now also a Makar.

The group became instant celebrities, with news of their victory, the death of the Enemy, and thus the end of the war, spreading through the school fast. Aaron, Tamara, and Jasper agreed to keep Call's secret about hosting Constantine's soul, though they—even Call—had their doubts, and they continued their Copper Year.[2]

Bronze Year

Whole summer Aaron and Callum were building robots and fighting with them. Aaron and the others attended an event to celebrate their defeat of the Enemy at the Collegium.The two makaris and Alastair went to a room to meet the Assembly. They told them about a spy in the school and that they have to exterminate all Chaos-ridden animals. After the meeting Aaron and Tamara went dancing. He and Tamara found Call at the trophy room when the chandelier fell down and almost killed them.

He was killed by Alex Strike with the Alkahest.[3]

Physical description

Aaron is described as having green eyes and light blond, wavy hair. Aaron is also quite tall for his age.



Callum Hunt is a mage in the same year as him and is a fellow apprentice under Rufus. Aaron and Call became fast friends and consider each other best friends. They are incredibly loyal to each other and try to support each other through everything.

Tamara Rajavi is another mage under Master Rufus. The two are close friends.