Alastair Hunt
Biographical Information
Age: 35
Status: Alive

Asheville, North Carolina

Kind: Mage

Store owner

Standing: Magisterium graduate

William Rufus


Callum Hunt (son)
Sarah Hunt † (wife)
Declan Novak † (brother-in-law)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gray
I haven't used my magic since your mother died. I'll never use it again.

–Alastair to Call, The Iron Trial

Alastair Hunt is the father of Call and an inactive mage.



SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow. Caution is advised.

When he was young, Alastair went to the Magisterium under Master Rufus. He and the rest of Rufus's apprentices—namely Constantine, Jericho, Declan, and Sarah—were ranked at the top of their class and had the best marks during their Iron Trial,[1] and the members became very good friends. Alastair became a promising metal mage during his training.[2] Years after their graduation, Alastair and Sarah married and went on to have a son, Call.

Around a decade into the battle against the Constantine, now known as the Enemy of Death, Alastair participated in the Great Battle while, upon Rufus' insistence, Sarah and Call hid in La Rinconada, Peru. However, they realized their mistake when the Enemy that faced them and their young Makar champion, Verity Torres, turned out to be an imposter, Master Joseph. Alastair immediately returned to them, only to find Sarah and her brother, Declan, dead. Call was alive, with only a broken leg to take from the bloody battle against the Chaos-ridden.

Alastair had wanted to raise Call knowing about their past and Sarah's bravery, though this changed when he saw Sarah's dying message: "KILL THE CHILD." While not entirely sure, Alastair suspected what the message implied—that the Enemy of Death may somehow be Call. Despite this, Alastair decided not to kill him and took him away, making it seem as if Call had broken his leg as a baby and was at the hospital while Sarah was in the cave.

Alastair raised Call in North Carolina, where he opened an antique store on Main Street called "Now and Again" and became somewhat of a recluse. Alastair rarely told Call about Sarah, and not at all about magic. However, when Call first displayed the potential for magic, he told him that they were a family of magicians, and that magic is dangerous and destructive, hoping to discourage Call from developing further.

The Iron Trial

When Call turned twelve years old, then 35-year-old Alastair had no choice but to bring him to Virginia for the Iron Trial. Alastair prepared Call to intentionally fail the test, growing increasingly anxious and distressed as the day of the test approached.

On the day of the Iron Trial, they drove down to Virginia to the abandoned hangar that would be the site of the Trial. He waited as Call and the others took the tests, panicking briefly when Call got a perfect score for his first test. Call then lost points and ended up at the bottom of the rankings. Despite this, Alastair's former Master, Rufus, chose Call as his apprentice, enraging Alastair. Despite Alastair tried to object and take Call away, arguing that Rufus had killed enough of his family. After making a scene, Alastair was forcefully escorted out of the Trial site, but not before he managed to throw Semiramis at Call.

The Copper Gauntlet


Physical description

Alastair has gray eyes and tangly black hair now going gray at the sides. It has been noted that he looked like "Sherlock Holmes in the old BBC show."


  • Alastair drives a 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom. He uses his garage as his workroom. As Call put it, Alastair had an obsession with fixing broken things.[1]


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