Alma Amdurer
Biographical Information
Status: Alive


Species: Human
Kind: Mage


Affiliation: Order of Disorder
Magisterium (former)
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: White
Skin color: Tan

Alma Amdurer is a mage and a member of the Order of Disorder.


Alma was once a teacher at the Magisterium and had even helped with some of Joseph Walther's experiments on void magic.

Upon leaving the Magisterium, Alma joined the Order and continued studying chaos magic through the study of chaos-ridden animals. Aside from the creation of the Alkahest, they hoped to find out if chaos could be placed safely inside a person to essentially allow them to live off the energy forever, undying and immortal.

When Callum Hunt and his friends wandered into their workplace in the forest around the Magisterium, Alma became interested in Aaron Stewart, the new Makar. She bartered their freedom and promised to help them escape the teachers of the Magisterium hunting for them if Aaron agreed to be studied and observed for their research, and if they left Havoc as collateral to guarantee Aaron's return. Call and Aaron pretended to agree, long enough to escape on their own—but not without causing a little chaos first. In the process of releasing Havoc from captivity, they also accidentally released the other chaos-ridden animals from their cages, causing a distraction that allowed the kids to escape.


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