SF 2Ch11

Automotones is a highly dangerous ancient metal elemental that Call and his friends encountered at a farmhouse that his father used as a junkyard.


Automotones was a highly dangerous ancient metal elemental. Eventually, it was captured by the founders of the Magisterium and had his powers bound to and within the school. He was kept beneath the school for several millennia until some time after the battle between Verity Torres and Constantine Madden, when he escaped and destroyed a bridge, killing several people, before being forced back blow the Magisterium.

The Copper Gauntlet

Automotones was released by an unknown individual with orders to kill Call and his friends, Aaron Stewart and Tamara Rajavi. It encountered the group in a junkyard Alastair Hunt had used to store old cars. It killed the property owner, Mrs. Tisdale, and then started consuming the defunct cars to gain more power. It then attacked Call and his friends and nearly succeeded in killing Call, until Aaron used chaos magic to send Automotones to the void, essentially killing the elemental.

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