Declan Novak
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: The Cold Massacre
Species: Human

Sarah Hunt † (sister)
Callum Hunt (nephew)
Alastair Hunt (brother-in-law)

Physical Description
Gender: Male

Declan Novak was the brother of Sarah Hunt.


When Declan was young, he was in the same apprentice group under Master Rufus as his sister Sarah, her eventual husband Alastair Hunt, and fellow young mages Constantine and Jericho Madden.

During a battle against the Chaos-ridden in Peru during the Third Mage War, Declan fought to protect the young and the women and was wounded. Declan was was choked to death, seemingly by air magic, protecting Call at the time of his demise, and was seen by his brother-in-law Alastair who arrived much later.


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