CJ Havoc 01
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Species: Chaos-ridden wolf

Callum Hunt

Physical Description
It's from a play my father liked. 'Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.' He's definitely, I don't know, one of the dogs of war.

Call about Havoc, The Iron Trial

Havoc is the chaos-ridden pet wolf of Call, and eventually Tamara and Aaron's as well.


The Iron Trial

Callum found him as a small pup in the woods surrounding the Magisterium, just after Aaron made a pack of chaos-ridden wolves disappear with his chaos magic. The pup sneakily followed Call, and when it finally got his attention, Call was enamored. Call impulsively took the pup and snuck him into the Magisterium, keeping him in his room as a pet and named him Havoc. When Tamara and Aaron found out about him, they were initially scared but eventually softened up to him, with the two even volunteering to take turns taking care of the wolf.

Much later, Havoc helped Tamara and Call rescue Aaron from Drew and Joseph, leading them to the hideout and helping defeat the chaos elemental.

The Copper Gauntlet


The Bronze Key


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