Kai Hale
Biographical Information
Age: 14
Status: Alive

Magisterium in Luray, Virginia

Species: Human
Kind: Mage
Standing: Magisterium apprentice
Level: Bronze Year

Master Tanaka

Physical Description
Gender: Male

Kai Hale is a student mage at the Magisterium in the same year as the current Makaris, Callum Hunt and Aaron Stewart.


The Iron Trial

After their Iron Trial, Kai was picked by Master Tanaka to become one of his apprentices, alongside Peter.

During their first year of training, Kai seemed to be shaping up into a potentially talented earth mage. During one of their earth exercises, when Master Rufus taught them how to blend elemental magic to make plants grow, Kai managed to make a seedling sprout and grow so huge that it had to by chopped by Master Rockmaple the next day.


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