Kimiya Rajavi
Biographical Information
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Species: Human
Kind: Mage
Standing: Magisterium apprentice
Level: Silver Year

Master Rockmaple


Mr. Rajavi (father)
Mrs. Rajavi (mother)
Ravan Rajavi (sister)
Tamara Rajavi (sister)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black

Kimiya Rajavi is the older sister of Tamara. She is a year older than Tamara and is currently in her Silver Year at the Magisterium under Master Rockmaple.


Kimiya attended the Magisterium a year before her younger sister, Tamara, and was thus in her Copper Year when Tamara arrived. Tamara was very proud of Kimiya's success and sees her as a role model. Kimiya keeps an watchful eye on Tamara and her progress, as, just like her parents, she has high expectations of her.[1]

During the summer holidays before her Bronze Year, Kimiya stayed in their family home, the Gables, along with her boyfriend Alex Strike. Just before school began, her parents advised the couple to take a break in their relationship as they thought they were moving too fast. Alex suspected that this was a political decision and hoped that Kimiya would stand up for him, which she couldn't, and the couple promptly broke up.[2] Some time after, the pair eventually made up and remained friends.

During her Silver Year, when the younger Celia spread word of Aaron's father being in prison, Kimiya reacted negatively by immediately telling her parents and suggesting to Tamara that she begin to avoid Aaron, whom she saw as a liar and a threat.[3]

Physical description

Kimiya is tall and slim. She is said to often be serious-looking and quite intimidating, particularly to Call. She is also described to be very pretty, enough that when she and Alex broke up, Call was convinced that Kimiya would soon have a new boyfriend. She looks like an older version of Tamara.


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