Biographical Information
Status: Alive

Magisterium in Virginia (former)

Species: Human
Kind: Mage

Mentor (former)


Master (former)

Notable apprentices:

Rafe, Laurel, Drew (former)

Affiliation: Assembly of Mages
Order of Disorder
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Lemuel is a former Master at the Magisterium. His last new batch of apprentices included Rafe, Laurel, and Drew Wallace.


The Iron Trial

Throughout his training sessions with both his apprentices and the rest of the Iron Years, including Callum Hunt, Lemuel proved to be a slightly aggressive and notoriously strict mentor. Throughout their Iron Year training, Drew complained and told lies about Lemuel and further claimed that Lemuel was especially cruel to him. When Drew faked running away, he asserted that he was driven away by his fear of Lemuel. Lemuel was later forced to leave the school. However, Drew later revealed to Call that he was in fact a spy for Joseph, and that he feigned weakness and purposely had Lemuel fired in fear of being discovered to be a good mage by him.

The Copper Gauntlet

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