Biographical Information
Status: Devoured


Species: Human (former)
Fire elemental

Mentor (former)


Master (former)

Notable apprentices:

William Rufus (former)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
I see your future. One of you will fail. One of you will die. And one of you is already dead.

–Marcus to Call, Tamara and Aaron, The Iron Trial

Marcus was the former instructor of now Master William Rufus during his student years at the Magisterium. At one point, Marcus gave himself to the fire element and was Devoured, turning him into a fire elemental. During one of Call, Tamara and Aaron's lessons, Marcus used Warren to lure them into a trap. Once in their presence, he taunted the children, predicting their doomed futures, stating that one of them would fail, one would die, and one was already dead.


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