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The Magisterium Trials is an online game launched by Random House Children's Publishers to promote The Magisterium book series. The game consists of five tasks revolving around a specific element (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Chaos), representing each book and each school year at the Magisterium, unlocked each month from June to October 2014. Players who complete the task will win new content about the book and will be entered into the Grand Prize Draw. The site was launched on June 20, 2014.


Think you know magic? Think again. The Magisterium awaits...

During your time at the Magisterium, there will be five trials to complete – one for each school year. They will test your magical skill, your endurance and your ability to handle dark and dangerous situations. Complete them all and you will be entered into the Grand Prize Draw.

It begins with the Iron Trial . . .

Trial 1: Earth (June)


Trial 1: Earth

Players must sort the stones into the light and dark piles by dragging them into the small dishes before time runs out. (TIP: Players should avoid the gray stones and keep an eye on the scales as they need to be balanced to pass the Trial.) A minimum of 10 stones on each side is required to pass.

Completing the trial unlocks a four page exclusive extract from The Iron Trial.

Trial 2: Air (July)


Trial 2: Air

To pass the trial, the player must levitate the dagger in space as far as they can (at least a distance of 2000), whilst avoiding the moving crystals, using the mouse/space bar/touch to control the dagger.

The download reward links to the Amazon pre-order page for The Iron Trial.

Trial 3: Fire (August)

To pass the trial, the player must shoot fire at the dragons and the targets. The target score is 30, but, if the player hits the airships, the target score increases.

The download reward links to the Amazon pre-order page for The Iron Trial.

Trial 4: Water (September)

To pass the fourth trial, you must collect at least 10 pieces of fish food whilst avoiding the approaching whirlpools or icicles.

Trial 5: Chaos (October)

This final trial will be unlocked in October.

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