Verity Torres
SF 1Ch14, Verity Torres

Verity's statue in the Hall of Graduates

Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Death: Third Mage War
Cause of death: Struck with a copper claw

The Magisterium (formerly)

Species: Human
Kind: Mage


Standing: Bronze Year
Affiliation: Assembly of Mages
Physical Description
Gender: Female

Verity Torres was a Makar—the only one in her generation aside from Constantine Madden, and hence the champion of the mages, the one expected to go against and defeat Constantine when he went rogue.


Verity Torres was a young girl when it was discovered that she was a Makar. By the time she was fifteen, merely a Bronze Year at the Magisterium, she stopped attending school to fight in the Third Mage War, where she died at the hands of Master Joseph, in the guise of the Enemy of Death. He then cut off her head and hung it on the door of his laboratory; her head was enchanted to tell riddles to anyone who wishes to enter.

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